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Junho 03 2011
The alternator is the heart of the turbine. It is what determines the degree of success of all equipment. If he has good benefits, though there are some minor flaws aerodynamic or otherwise, the end result will be good. So we have given special emphasis.
It is now the time to disseminate the Belmiro research work in the area of power generation. This friend gave me great support and cooperation in many posts.

For his strong determination, the failure to have achieved success with the Bedini motor, not stop him from building a magnificent alternator.
The pity is that in the place of residence, have no regular winds with speed in order to take advantage of adapting the alternator to a windmill.
I hope that publicizing the work of this friend can serve to provide new ideas and motivation to those who read these pages. I and the readers who are interested in generators are grateful to Belmiro.
To learn more about the research Belmiro, leave a link to your
YouTube channel, where I selected the following two videos.


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