Livre Power, Lda.

Junho 03 2011
As one of the objectives of this site is to help all stakeholders to build their windmill, one of the ways to accomplish this is to be open to the publication of images, videos and texts of all the fans who want to contribute to their achievement.
This time we had the collaboration of a founding member of
LusoPower Club, his friend Paulo Salvado, who is building a vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) and a horizontal axis (HAWT).
Plan on taking used materials to reduce construction costs and recycle materials in its possession.
At the moment we publish several photos that illustrate some of the early stages of the production of horizontal axis wind turbine. Later we will publish more documentation on the later stages.
I thank Paulo Salvado sharing of images and challenge other friends to send me, by e-mail, documents for disclosure of what they have done or are doing.


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