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Junho 03 2011
When one wants to invent or improve something, it always comes to rehearse and test hypotheses. It builds prototypes and carried out experiments. Apparently some fruitless result.
As is always learns something from what you do in fact give up steps forward. You learn from mistakes, improve the processes and reinvent themselves dreams.
When, for example, becomes a prototype of a device, it is intended in the testing phase to evaluate the performances, check the strengths and weaknesses, conducting research to refine the model, evaluating production costs, etc..
If we intend to build a windmill, it is normal that we want to make small models, easier and less expensive than the final product. Often, the fact that we test a miniature model may lead us to abandon or change the original idea or follow a different route.
These models can be made of material economic, that are available to any person, property, which at first sight are useless, some can even be considered junk, but with which we can learn.
I did several studies, experiments with small models and products to extract equipment at end of life: TVs, computers, printers, skateboards, scooters, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, cars etc..
If you have less money but it makes up for it with imagination, one can do wonders. There are poor children who make wonderful toys from recycled garbage. For those who believe in the power of creative imagination here is a video about one of several models that did. Do please be creative and have fun.

Arménio Carreira às 18:36
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