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Janeiro 05 2011

When you need copper wire there are several issues that can arise. Some of these may be:

- What is enamel?

- What is the price?

- What is the diameter?

Find the answers above, as well as table with the characteristics of this product. If you want to ask questions about how to connect copper or winding the coils, contact us here.


The enameled copper wire is used in varied applications such as electronics, motor winding and generators, decoration, haberdashery, etc.. The enamel coating is a surface that protects and insulates the wire.

If you need enameled copper wire, contact us by mail, phone or write a message in the contact page mail, indicating the diameter you need and weight (the enameled copper wire is sold by weight). If you want to know how many meters has a kg for different diameters, see the table of equivalences on the "Download" tab.

The price for a kg of enameled copper wire is 20.00 euros (plus VAT within the EC). This can vary depending on the quantity, caliber and the prices of raw materials.

We send by post to anywhere in the world. Simply enter the desired weight, size, name and address. For orders outside Portugal, we can send after payment by bank transfer or through electronic postal.

When we choose the diameter of the wire some issues may arise. For example, if it is to apply for permanent magnet alternators, the option will depend on the characteristics of the machine you want to build. If you want higher voltage, you can choose a enameled copper wire with smaller caliber, which has higher strength and allows a greater number of turns in the coil. If the priority is current instead of voltage, you can choose copper wire with larger diameter. The option is comparable to when we put a hose in a garden tap: if we want a strangler pressure we put on the end or put a smaller diameter hose, if we just put a wide flow hose through which water passes without hindrance. The characteristics of the magnets, their number, the expected revolutions per minute, etc.. also influence the choice of the diameter of the enameled copper wire.

If you wish to verify the correspondence between the diameter and the AWG see the table of equivalences for enameled copper wire.

Note: It is not recommended the use of enameled copper wire previously used in older engines because it is not always in the best conditions.


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