Livre Power, Lda.

Janeiro 05 2011

The Livre intelligent charge controller with MPPT advanced technology and latest technological advances. It is a fundamental device of an autonomous device, since it has a conversion efficiency of 99%. The MPPT microprocessor allows a charge with over 30% more energy with less loss compared to a common charge controller.

Livre MPPT




1. MPPT charge mode, with conversion efficiency up to 99 %, can carry more 30 % ~ 60 % of the energy of a traditional controller.

2. With the system operating with high efficiency MPPT and adopting TI28035 chip achieves a rate of utilization of the energy captured by photovoltaic modules up to 99 %.

3. Its advanced design allows online upgrades, allowing updates throughout its life.

4. In accordance with EU directives for environmental protection (2002/95/EC). Does not include cadmium, fluoride and hydride.

5. Incorporates components of highly reputable German and Japanese brands. The devices can withstand temperatures below 105 ℃. The expected useful life exceeds 10 years.

6. The charge mode allows three options: quick, constant and fluctuating load.

7. Recognition system voltage of the battery bank (12V/24V/48V).

8. Nominal Input Maximum permitted voltage: 150V DC.

9. Allows you to connect all types of batteries: Lead / sealed, vented acid battery, NiCd Gel. Other types of batteries may also be connected.

10. LCD display and LEDs show all kinds of parameters such as the product model, values of the energy input of the PV modules, the battery voltage (volts), the load current, the charge accumulated, working conditions, and allows adding your user name and your website.

11. Communication Port.RS232, which provides communication protocol, and allows a very convenient integrated management for customers.

12. Allow connection to PC and can show the operating status and all parameters in 7 languages.

13. Remote LAN extender.

14. Integrates CD- ROM controller (microcomputer software) equipment + Anderson + communication cable terminal;

15. CE, ROHS, FCC, PSE certifications. You can request other certifications.

16. 2 year warranty which can be extended.


The Wellsee solar controller are highly efficient, robust and have a relation quality/price unbeatable. In addition, they protect the batteries and help increase energy captured from over 10% to 30% over conventional controllers, all thanks to the MPPT technology.


Wellsee MPPT



Advantages of MPPT:

The "Maximum Power Point Tracking" (MPPT) is a system that allows more energy from PV modules or other equipment, permanently adjusting their operating conditions.

MPPT principle:

The maximum power point is mainly affected by the ambient temperature and the intensity of sunlight. If the intensity of sunlight is constant, the maximum output power decreases with increasing temperature. If the temperature is constant, when solar radiation increases, the voltage circuit basically remains unchanged. This system allows substantially increase in the maximum output power.

The intelligent charge controller WS-MPPT can regulate the working voltage of the PV modules, making them always working at the peak of VA curve. Compared with a common charge controller, this MPPT controller can increase the efficiency of photovoltaic modules in about 10% to 30%.

Product Features:

- Applicable to various types of batteries.

- MPPT function.

- Microprocessor controller pulse width modulation (PWM) charging.

- Temperature sensor to compensate for charging batteries.

- Overload protection (automatic restoration).

- Over discharge protection (automatic restoration).

- Protection against short-circuit protection (automatic restoration).

- Protection against thunder.

- Protection against reverse discharge.

- Reverse polarity protection (automatic restoration).

- Overvoltage protection.
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