Livre Power, Lda.

Janeiro 05 2011

SilentWind wind turbines are manufactured in Portugal and are ideal for charging batteries.

The package includes the wind turbine and charge controller.

The main characteristics of the turbine are: lack of noise during operation and an innovative design.






- Blades in carbon fiber, rolled by hand and UV resistant;


- German engineering ensure components with high quality;

- 3 years warranty;

Complete and Versatile

- Used in marinas or on land for weak, medium or strong winds;

- Used in professional applications;

Applications in marine or terrestrial facilities

- Corrosion resistant because it is coated with specially treated aluminium;

- Screws in stainless steel;

Compact, elegant and practical

- Only weighs 6.8 Kg;

- Easy to apply, even on boats;

- Ergonomic and streamlined;

Technical characteristics

- Output voltage: 12, 24 or 48 V;

- German Three Phase Generator;

- Power range: 400 to 500 W;

- Start-up speed: 2.2 m/s;

- Speed start charging the batteries: 2.8 m/s;

- Low maintenance and high life expectancy;

Charge controller

Charge controller of domestic manufacture, suitable for connection to a wind turbine or a hybrid (wind+ PV).

Maximum power acceptance of the hybrid system is 630 W.

With high performance. The process of charging the battery is done to increase lifetime.


- Battery voltage:

- LCD display;

- Manual and electronic switch;

- Adjust the voltage of the batteries according to the battery;

- Adjust the load current of the batteries;

- Programmable port for external consumption;


Blades of high quality and reliability.

Are compatible with the turbines Air X Land, Air X Marine and SilentWind.


- High-tech carbon fibre blades (100% pure);

- Rolled by hand with epoxy resin, the blades are extremely durable;

- Resistant to UV rays;

- Optimized in the wind tunnel;

- Noise Emission almost non-existent;

- Balanced for low vibration;

- Great endurance;

- Successfully tested according to DIN EN 61400-2 speeds up to 122 km/h (5480 rpm, with the end of the blade rotating at a speed approximated to the speed of sound);
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