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Janeiro 12 2011

Windmaster 2, is practical for those who want to know the wind speed, is passionate about wind turbines, sailor, surfer, kite surfers, hang gliders, RC modellers, balloonists, meteorologists, etc.. For those who want to know or need to know how fast the wind is blowing.

Easy operation:

The measurements are obtained independently of wind direction. Provides accurate readings at any time.

Display readable:

The large LCD display shows the following readings:

  - Wind speed at the time

  - Max wind speed (MX)

  - Average wind speed (AV)

  - Bar graph of current Beaufort values

Selectable units:

By a simple push of a button, you can select one of the following units:

  -  KM/H (Km/h), KTS (English "Knots"), M/S (meters/second), MPH (miles/hour).

Manual or stationary operation:

An integrated tripod thread allows you to make use of stationary Windmaster 2.

Technical data:

Sensor head:

  - Cup type with blades

  - Provides readings regardless of wind direction


  - Current wind speed

  - Average wind speed (8 days of storage)

  - Maximum wind speed (8 days of storage)

  - Bar chart on the Beaufort scale

Units of speed measurement: (adjustable)

  - KM/H (km/hour)

  - KTS (English "Knots")

  - M/S (m/sec)

  - MPH (miles/hour)

Optional accessories:

Protective Pouch nylon, water repellent, with a Delcro® closure for easy opening and a clip to attach to your belt. This bag is practical and allows you to take the Windmaster 2 with you anytime. For more information contact us by clicking here.

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