Livre Power, Lda.

Janeiro 05 2011

This pure sine wave inverter has high performance and represent the highest level in the field of manufacture of inverters. Produce sine wave AC with high quality and high conversion efficiency in order to supply power to all electrical appliances that work with AC current.

Pure sine wave UPS Livre



These inverters have a variety of modes of input and output:

- DC Input 24V, 48V, 96V and 192V (depending on models)

- Ac input to connect to the grid, a generator, or other device that produces AC power. If the energy of this source does not have the optimal quality, the inverter converts it to enhance its quality.

- Output 220V AC (110V AC output is also available), for the needs of your home and for others applications.


- Pure sine wave output, able to be used by all types of equipment and appliances such as fans, refrigerators, motors, computers, etc..

- Control voltage: it produces the waveform and causes a stable frequency, performing the self-voltage.

- Reduces the opening speed: when high power is used, the inverter may slow opening velocity, in order to protect the electrical equipment charging and inverter.

- Overload protection: When inverter is connected to excessive loads and the total power of loads exceeds its tolerance, the inverter beeps and the red LED lights. The inverter stops working and goes into a state of self-protection.

-  Protection against short-circuit: if an internal short circuit arises, the inverter stops operating, the red LED light and enters in a state of self-protection.

-  Discharge protection: When the battery voltage is lower than 21.5V (if the 24V battery banks), the inverter beeps and LED lights. Then, the drive cuts the production of energy and waits for 5 minutes.

-  Have charger and battery charging controller, loading them from a generator or from the public grid.

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