Livre Power, Lda.

Junho 03 2011

An "off grid" needs a charge controller, even for the most basic protection to the batteries.
The capacity of the charge controller must be adapted to the power turbine.
If the capacity of the charge controller is 4 amps, admits the passage of current to that value, not taking advantage of the excess provided by the alternator, which is a waste of productive capacity.
In a small wind turbine, it is easy to generate 300 W or 400 W. If the voltage is 12 V requires a controller at least 25 A.
Notice that Watts = Volts x Amps, we have 300W = 12 V x 25 A
In the video below show some features of a charge controller of 40 A, I installed to replace the original which was 4 A.
With the values provided by the display of the charge controller can calculate the production of wind turbine at a given time. At the time of filming, with wind speeds normal, he was producing:
14.9 Volts of voltage;
24.1 Amps of current intensity, just
14.9 V x 24.1 A = 359.09 Watts of power.
With the controller of the previous cargo (4 A), only profit:
14.9 x 4 V A = 59.9 Watts.
Not captured 359.09 W – 59.9 W = 299.49 W, or just enjoyed a sixth of the power generated!
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