Livre Power, Lda.

Junho 03 2011

To support its renewable energy project, we put at your disposal equipment for photovoltaic, wind and hydro systems. We offer information and technical support.
Please contact us by email and say what you need. We will make your project possible.
We are available anywhere in the world.


- Equipment:





























































 Vertical axis wind turbines







 Windmills to pump water










Photovoltaic panels













 Hydro power









Solar controller














 Solar cable and battery cable











 Livre pure sine wave inverters UPS









Livre pure sine wave inverters






 Water pumps





  Aluminium profiles, save tiles hooks, fasteners, bond angles, caps, connectors and other materials for the assembly of PV modules





- Changeover switches, counters, etc.


- Materials for wind turbines:












 Enamelled copper wire
















 - Bridge rectifiers:

 We make to customer order and produce standard models up to 1000 V AC, for 35A and 50A per phase.




Other materials:

- Blades 

- Fiberglass

- Etc.


Other equipment:







 Windmaster 2  anemometer












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