Livre Power, Lda.

Janeiro 14 2011

Lorentz DC pumps are the ideal solution if you want to remove water from a bore or a pond, or water supply to your house from renewable energy.

The Lorentz pumps can be submerged or on the surface, and work through the electricity generated by photovoltaic modules, wind turbines or hydro power.

These pumps have a high longevity without requiring any maintenance. Have a solar MPPT controller that allows optimal use of the available solar radiation, thereby harnessing their full potential.

There are two distinct models of pump:

  • HR Series (Propeller Rotor) - designed for high elevations;

  • PS Series (Centrifugal) - designed to remove high flow rates at low elevations.

Upon your needs, we will choose the appropriate flow and elevation required to pump as well as the number of photovoltaic modules required to ensure the correct functioning of the pump.

See more information on the "Download" tab or on the Lorentz site.

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